Success cases

Success in the court of cassation in a dispute with H&M

Advocates of Trubor law firm have won a case in the court of cassation (Commercial court of Moscow district). The court quashed lower court judgments on recovery from our client – Estate Property LLC (trustee of Alfa-Bank) – the costs of permanent improvements of real estate in the amount of RUR 36 mln.


Advocates of Trubor law firm have won a case at the court of cassation (Moscow region) related to enforcement of USD 23 mln HKIAC award

Previously the court of the first instance (Commercial Court of Moscow) rejected the application of a BVI company to enforce USD 23 mln HKIAC award against our Client, Russian film producer. The court of cassation has now upheld the lower court order, rejecting arguments of the appellant in their entirety.


Trubor law firm successfully resisted enforcement of HKIAC award in Russia for recovery of USD 23 mln

Advocates of Trubor law firm have won a landmark case at the Commercial Court of Moscow. A BVI company applied to Russian court seeking enforcement of the HKIAC arbitral award against our Client (Russian company). 


Trubor law firm won a court case for its Client from UAE and recovered various losses under Vienna Сonvention (CISG) Rules

Our lawyers represented a company from UAE in a court dispute with a Russian company related to a contract on the international sale of goods. The case took 10 court hearings, and the resulting judgment went for 45 pages.


Advocates of Trubor law firm won the case on subsidiary liability of the controlling person in bankruptcy

Advocates of Trubor law firm won the case on subsidiary liability of the controlling person in bankruptcy. The court rejected a claim against our client, a well-known restaurateur, owner of the restaurants El Gaucho and Bocconcino The debtor's creditors filed a claim for bringing the Client of Trubor law firm to a subsidiary liability after the debtor’s bankruptcy case was closed.


The first arbitral award under LCA (London Chamber of Arbitration) Rules has been enforced in Russia

Trubor lawyers won the case on enforcement of LCA (London Chamber of Arbitration) award in Russia. This is the first LCA award enforced in Russia so far.


TRUBOR lawyers won a case on recovery of 130 mln rubles at the appeal commercial court

In the case, which took Russian commercial courts more than two years to decide, advocates of TRUBOR law firm obtained a judgment on recovery of assets siphoned from the company through a series of sham transactions. 


TRUBOR lawyers won the case on bringing the client to administrative responsibility in the Eighth Arbitration Court of Appeal

The state forest supervision authority brought the client of Trubor Law Firm to administrative responsibility for unauthorized occupation of the forest area. This decision has put the client's business at risk.  But lawyers of Trubor Law Firm managed to prove that the client uses the forest plot lawfully.


TRUBOR law firm scored a victory in a series of commercial court disputes related to recovery of assets siphoned from a Russian company

Advocates of TRUBOR managed to obtain Russian court judgments on invalidation of a series of transactions aimed at siphoning off the assets from a Russian company for the amount exceeding RUB 200 million.


Wining the case on invalidation of asset-stripping transactions at the appeal court level

Trubor advocates won in the corporate dispute concerned with invalidation of a series of transactions, which covered siphoning of assets in the amount of RUR 93,4 mln from our Client under interest-free loans.


TRUBOR lawyers won a case against DIA for RUR 50 billion

Advocates of TRUBOR law firm represented a Client in Commercial (Arbitrazh) court of Moscow in a case initiated by DIA (Deposit Insurance Agency)


TRUBOR litigation team managed to recover the shares from the major Russian bank undergoing the bankruptcy procedure

Advocates of TRUBOR Law Firm managed to win the case on recovery of the shares from the Russian bank in the course of the bankruptcy proceedings initiated against the bank.


Acquisition of real estate

The lawyers of Trubor Law Firm have advised the buyer in transaction on acquisition of real estate parcel, located in one of the Southern districts of Russia.


Victory in a court case in favour of the largest Russian oil refinery

TRUBOR law firm successfully represented AO Gazpromneft-ONPZ in a dispute worth RUR 450 million


Successful case on rescission of SPA

Our team of lawyers has won a case in Arbitrazh (Commercial) court of Moscow on rescission of a contract on sale and purchase of shares in a Russian company.


Moscow City Court supported the position of TRUBOR Law Firm in the case regarding an incorrect tariff of an international airline company

As a result of a technical mistake in the airline reservation system, tickets to Australia and New Zealand were issued to passengers for a significantly low price (10 times less than the airline tariff).


TRUBOR Law Firm assisted its client with recovering a debt of more than 57 million roubles under the construction contract

The subject of the dispute recently heard by Moscow City Arbitrazh Сourt was a debt of more than 57 million roubles due to the contractor seeking legal advice in TRUBOR Law Firm from its customer – a subsidiary of a major oil holding.


TRUBOR Law Firm succeeded in reversal on appeal of a decision regarding damages recovery from a former general director of a major project company in the amount of 3.5 million roubles

A minority shareholder of a major project company brought a claim before a commercial court against a former general director regarding recovery of damages in the amount of 3.5 million roubles in favor of the company.