Sanctions and sanctions compliance

Trubor lawyers advise Russian and foreign clients on sanctions introduced by foreign states against Russia and their impact on business, as well as on Russian response measures (counter-sanctions). We help clients to successfully conduct their business, considering sanctions restrictions.

We provide the services in the field of sanctions and sanctions compliance, as follows:

• Drafting legal opinions on risks of applying international sanctions with a full analysis of the company's corporate structure (if necessary, we engage foreign specialized consultants);
• Analyzing contractual arrangements and identifying options to reduce sanctions risks;
• Elaborating legal aspects of decisions related to assets in Russia and abroad;
• Assisting in developing a strategy for the company / group of companies under sanctions;
• Advising on applicable counter-sanctions;
• Structuring transactions complicated by sanctions elements;
• Assessing the risks of holding management liable.
Natalia Yakimova
Senior Associate, TRUBOR Law Firm
Svetlana Zherdina
Senior Associate, TRUBOR Law Firm