The first arbitral award under LCA (London Chamber of Arbitration) Rules has been enforced in Russia


Trubor lawyers won the case on enforcement of LCA (London Chamber of Arbitration) award in Russia. This is the first LCA award enforced in Russia so far.  

Bye-laws of the London Chamber of Commerce and Industry (LCCI) provide since 2016 that in the case of a dispute referred to the LCCI for arbitration under the rules for the time being of the LCCI, the arbitration shall be conducted by the LCA under its rules. Previously, bye-laws of LCIA provided for reference of such disputes to LCIA.

LCA has been incorporated in January 2017 and 'is part of the Condon Chamber of Commerce and Industry' according to LCA Rules. 

Trubor lawyers acted for Ecuadorian company in the course of arbitration under LCA Rules, and in Russian courts in the court procedure for enforcement of LCA award in Russia.

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