Transactional support

The lawyers of our Firm have considerable experience of representing clients in the following transactions:

  • Mergers & acquisitions, establishment of joint ventures;

  • Banking and finance transactions;

  • Commercial lease agreements, construction and services agreements;

  • Sale and purchase agreements, including agreements for sale and purchase of aircrafts, equipment, real estate;

  • License agreements, technology transfer agreements, agreements on transfer of exclusivity rights.

Corporate and finance transactions – M&A transactions, establishment of joint ventures, loan and security transactions are the most common transactions in our portfolio. In M&A transactions we have acted both on the sell and buy side. In joint venture transactions we would normally represent a foreign participant of a joint venture with a Russian partner. Our M&A and joint venture expertise include transactions fully governed by English law, Russian law, as well as the transactions governed by both Russian and English law.

In most cases the lawyers of our Firm are engaged for complex transactional support from an early stage of negotiating a transaction to post-transactional support. In particular our transactional teams would actively participate in negotiation and drafting of preliminary agreements in relation to transaction documents, in conducting due diligence of the target assets, and in drafting and negotiation of the main transaction documents.

Our lawyers have substantial experience in finance transactions between international lenders and Russian borrowers. We have acted in loan transactions both in the interests of foreign lenders and Russian borrowers. We have participated in a number of security transactions – including drafting and negotiating of personal and professional guarantees, share pledges, mortgages and security over other assets.

A significant number of transactions handled by lawyers of our Firm are of a cross-border nature. In such transactions we work jointly with foreign legal advisors with whom we have longstanding partner relations.

Yuri Bortnikov
Partner, TRUBOR Law Firm