Pharma and life sciences
Key areas of experience

  • Advising on various regulatory aspects of drugs and medical devices circulation, including advice on Eurasian Economic Union sector specific rules and procedures

  • Advising on antimonopoly compliance specifics in pharmaceutical and medical devices sector

  • Advising on advertising of medicines, medical devices and food supplements

  • Advising on various issues related to state procurement of medicines and medical devices

  • Advising on various regulatory issues related to provision of medical services and telemedicine

  • Advising on pricing regulations for vital and essential medicines

  • Advising on the specifics of interaction with HCPs and HCOs as well as sunshine disclosures

  • Advising on commercial issues arising in day-to-day business of pharmaceutical and medical devices manufacturers

  • Advising on complex investment projects (including the disposal of rights over medicines, acquisition and construction of medical clinics, and establishment of laboratories for conducting medical tests etc.)

  • Complex GR projects and preparation of analytical reports in the life sciences sector

  • Elaboration of sector-specific training programs for pharmaceutical and medical devices manufacturers

Yuri Bortnikov: "We see our mission in helping the clients to implement complex and ambitious projects using the most appropriate legal instruments, set out in applicable laws and regulations"

Maria Borzova: "Our clients invent breakthrough healthcare technologies; help people to improve their living today and tomorrow. We are happy to contribute to our clients' success and to have an opportunity to improve the transparency of the regulatory framework in the pharmaceutical sector"

Yuri Bortnikov
Partner, TRUBOR Law Firm
Maria Borzova
Сounsel, TRUBOR Law Firm