TRUBOR Online speaks about the key regulatory developments in Russian healthcare sector

This video update demonstrates the key regulatory developments in the Russian pharmaceutical sector in 2021, the forecasts for 2022 and the open statistic data on the KPIs of national projects "Healthcare" and "Demography".


TRUBOR Online speaks about antimonopoly compliance on the medical devices market (in German)

A new video is available on our YouTube channel. This time TRUBOR Online speaks about the antimonopoly risks associated with the market of medical devices in Russia. In particular our analysis covers the key red flags from the standpoint of antimonopoly regulations; the prevalence of the Russian antitrust regulations over the alleged evidence of the breaches of the international anticorruption regulations; outlines the core issues and the risk mitigation strategies. The video is available here:


Trubor Law Firm speaks about the regulatory framework in the field of gene diagnostics and gene therapy

On 26 March 2021 Maria Borzova, Counsel at Trubor Law Firm, participated in the on-line conference "Prospects for the development of new methods for the diagnosis and treatment of rare hereditary diseases in the Russian Federation".  View / Download


TRUBOR Online about the key regulatory developments in pharmaceutical sector in 2020

A new video is available on our YouTube channel TRUBOR Online. View / Download


TRUBOR Law Firm about the legal issues associated with surrogacy maternity in Russia

On 27 November 2020, Maria Borzova, Counsel at TRUBOR Law Firm, participated in the round table: "Modern Approaches to Solving Reproductive Health Problems" within the framework of XI All-Russian Congress of Patients. Link to the program: View / Download presentation


TRUBOR Online speaks about the affordability of unregistered medicines to the Russian patients for vital needs

A new video, related to the legal procedures for import, funding, and usage of unregistered medicines in Russia is available on our YouTube channel TRUBOR Online.


Important amendments to Russian legislation concerning real estate lease, implemented in light of coronovirus (COVID-19) pandemic

The new law has imposed an obligation on the lessor to grant an extension in payment of rent, and gave the lessee the right to demand rent reduction for 2020 View / Download


TRUBOR Online speaks about legal compliance in a medical institutions

A new video, related to creation of compliance system in a medical institution is available on our YouTube channel TRUBOR Online.


TRUBOR Online opens a number of video lectures related to IP protection in the Russian pharmaceutical sector (in Russian)

"Open University" policy today is one of the important areas of the pharmaceutical sector development. Therefore, the Federal Institution of Industrial Property allowed publication of the key video-lectures from its online education course "Specifics of Intellectual Property Rights Protection in the Russian Pharmaceutical Sector", developed in April 2019. 


Court practice in the field of import and circulation of cosmetic products: key trends in 2019: Trubor Law Firm presentation (in Russian)

The presentation (in Russian) is available for downloading in this section. View / Download





TRUBOR Law Firm about "green route" for Japanese pharmaceutical and medical devices manufacturers: in English and Japanese

Prior to St. Petersburg International Economic Forum TRUBOR Law Firm prepared a short reminder, which summarizes the most recent developments in a dialogue between Russia and Japan, including those to promote bilateral life sciences cooperation. The text is given in English and Japanese. We hope, that this could be helpful for the briefing purposes and preparation of talking points. view / download presentation