Trubor Law Firm speaks about the regulatory framework in the field of gene diagnostics and gene therapy

On 26 March 2021 Maria Borzova, Counsel at Trubor Law Firm, participated in the on-line conference "Prospects for the development of new methods for the diagnosis and treatment of rare hereditary diseases in the Russian Federation". 
In her presentation, Maria characterized strategic documents that set the vector for the development of gene technologies in Russia, highlighted the provisions of federal laws related to gene therapy, and touched upon the conflicts associated with the application of the current "product regimes" related to: gene therapy medicinal products and biomedical cell products. In conclusion, the conference participants talked about the existing regulatory barriers and prospects for improving the legal framework.
Trubor Law Firm thanks the organizers of the conference: the Medical and Genetic Research Center named after Academician N. P. Bochkov and Kazan (Volga Region) Federal University for the invitation to participate in the conference.

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