Nikolai Andrianov

Partner, TRUBOR Law Firm

Nikolai is an expert in the field of legal regulation of construction, commercial real estate, urban planning, land relations.

The best in-house lawyer in Russia in 2011 according to the magazine "Company lawyer". Recommended by Best Lawyers rating in the Construction Law, Litigation (2020) categories.

Since 2001 he worked as the head of the legal department of a construction holding, advisor and partner of Russian law firms. He provided comprehensive legal support for construction projects for various purposes and complex structured real estate transactions, successfully represented the interests of major Russian and foreign companies in courts, including the Supreme Arbitration Court of the Russian Federation and the Supreme Court of the Russian Federation.

He is the author of more than 100 publications on current issues, has significant experience in teaching. Lecturer of the Law Institute "M-Logos".

The most significant of the implemented projects:

  • Successful protection of the interests of a foreign contractor in a litigation with a state customer in the amount of more than 7 billion rubles;

  • Risk assessment, structuring and legal support of the transaction for the sale of more than 14 thousand hectares of agricultural land;

  • Structuring a general contract for the construction of a class A business center with an area of ​​more than 180 thousand square meters;

  • Extrajudicial settlement of a dispute over the consequences of an incident that occurred during the construction of an oil well in the amount of more than 130 million rubles;

  • Successful defense of the interests of the general contractor in litigation with a subcontractor to recover more than 140 million rubles;

  • Successful protection of the interests of the developer in a dispute on compensation for environmental damage in the amount of more than 80 million rubles;

  • Successful follow-up of a litigation on an investor’s suit against the Moscow Government to recover more than 80 million rubles. losses incurred in connection with the termination of the investment contract;

  • Successful support of a customer litigation with a general contractor on a commensurate reduction in the cost of construction of a multifunctional center by more than 60 million rubles;

  • Comprehensive legal support for a transaction for the sale of real estate for various purposes located in Russia, the Republic of Belarus and Ukraine;

  • Legal support for the implementation of investment projects for the construction of new power units at three power plants;

  • and etc.