TRUBOR ONLINE speaks about the regulatory specifics of market access in the pharmaceutical sector in Russia and EAEU

The new video is prepared in Spanish (with English subtitles) and provides a helicopter view in relation to regulatory specifics of the market access in the pharmaceutical sector in Russia and Eurasian Economic Union.

This video provides a brief description of the key governmental stakeholders involved in the regulatory activities in Russia’s healthcare and pharmaceutical sector and their key functions.

The video also speaks about the administrative regulations related to obtaining a clinical trials permit and medicine's registration certificate, inclusion of a medicine on the Essential Drugs List and participation in state tenders. Moreover, the video outlines certain differences between market access in public segment and private pharmacies sector.

The video provides an outlook of the anticipated transformation of the national EAEU markets into the common regulatory space to ensure free circulation of medicines and medical devices over the entire territory of the Union. Furthermore, the video describes certain regulatory specifics, related to the EAEU registration procedures.

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