TRUBOR ONLINE speaks about the procedure for providing insulins and medical devices to the patients living with diabetes (in Russian)

Considering the current complicated situation with public procurement of insulins, which has been actively discussed recently, Trubor Law Firm prepared new video analytics regarding the provision of drugs (insulins) and medical devices to patients living with diabetes at the budgetary expense.

Link to video on our YouTube channel:

The new video provides analysis of the following issues:

·        the legal basis for providing medicines (insulins) and medical devices to patients living with diabetes;

  • the procedure for describing insulins for the purposes of state tenders and the controversial practice of public purchases of insulins by INN and trade names;
  • the most relevant ministerial clarifications, including most recent recommendations on the provision of  installed insulin pumps and consumables for them to the patients.

The video also includes analysis of certain court rulings, where the courts recognized refusals to provide essential drugs and medical devices to patients to be unlawful.

We hope that this material might be helpful. More videos are available on the TRUBOR ONLINE channel.


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