TRUBOR Law Firm assisted its client with recovering a debt of more than 57 million roubles under the construction contract


The subject of the dispute recently heard by Moscow City Arbitrazh Сourt was a debt of more than 57 million roubles due to the contractor seeking legal advice in TRUBOR Law Firm from its customer – a subsidiary of a major oil holding. This debt arose out of the construction contract with the total contract value exceeding 1 billion roubles.

The main complexity of this project was that earlier a decision in relation to the parties of the dispute was issued in the other case where courts established the scope of performed works and the amount of unearned advance to be repaid to the customer due to early termination of the construction contract.

Despite this fact, lawyers of TRUBOR Law Firm managed to prove that the works at issue were not the subject of the court examination in the initial case, the claims in these cases were not identic and that the performance of works and non-payment were confirmed by the case files.

Furthermore, the case was complicated by the fact that upon submitting a claim, the contractor was headed by the bankruptcy manager who was appointed by the customer and stood in the way of upholding the claim. Lawyers of TRUBOR Law Firm entered into the case on behalf of the beneficiary and former head of the contractor and proved the necessity of recovering debt in the bankruptcy assets of the debtor.

The claim was satisfied in its entirety by the decision of Moscow City Arbitrazh Court.

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