Moscow City Court supported the position of TRUBOR Law Firm in the case regarding an incorrect tariff of an international airline company


As a result of a technical mistake in the airline reservation system, tickets to Australia and New Zealand were issued to passengers for a significantly low price (10 times less than the airline tariff). Damages of the airline company as a result of about 2000 tickets sales amounted to more than 2 million US Dollars.

Later all the tickets purchased subject to this mistake, were annulled by the airline company. Some of the passengers brought claims before the court requesting the airline company to restore the reservation, to recover penalties and moral damages.

Lawyers of TRUBOR Law Firm persuaded the court to apply the provisions of the international treaties of the Russian Federations as well as the law of the carrier which together with the airline rules of carriage allowed to annul the tickets purchased subject to the advantages of a technical mistake.

In addition, advocates of TRUBOR Law Firm collected and took to court evidence (screenshots of the news agencies pages, pages of social networks) confirming bad faith of the passengers who denied their awareness of the technical mistake at the moment of purchasing the tickets. As a result, the passengers' claims were dismissed.

In October 2016 Moscow City Court upheld the decision of the first-instance court in one of such cases.

Dismissing several of such claims contributed to preventing bringing mass similar claims by the passengers whose tickets were annulled and to reducing the damages of the airline company significantly.

This case can become a landmark for the cases of selling tickets by international airline companies as a result of a technical mistake in the airline reservation system.

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