Long-sought victory in a corporate dispute over rights in shares in a Russian company


Our Client faced a claim, in which the claimant alleged it owned 70% stake in a Russian company. The claim was based on a notarized sale-purchase agreement of 70% stake in a Russian company. Under applicable law the ownership in the shares was transferred at the moment, when the contract was notarized.

The commercial courts accepted the arguments of TRUBOR advocates that the parties to the notarized SPA did not intend to transfer the shares (did not intend to transfer the rights of the majority shareholder) and declared the SPA to be void as a sham transaction.

By dint of proficient and timely actions of our legal team the client managed to retain corporate control over its subsidiary and to defeat the attack of a third party.

The case was argued in courts by our advocates Mr Kirill Trukhanov and Alexander Trushkov.

The judgments in the case are publicly available and can be accessed here.

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